Venetian Plaster – Master craftsman Luis Fernando offers many different types of Venetian Plasters,as well as different techniques to create custom and distinctive applications. Venetian Plaster can be used in both commercial and residential architecture. His dedicated work ethic, reliability and impeccable skills have earned him an outstanding reputation.Luis’ Venetian Plaster portfolio includes lobbies, law offices, restaurants, kitchens, bathrooms, shower walls, living rooms, and hallways to mention a few.

Tadelakt Shower Plaster – Tadelakt is a traditional Moroccan plastering technique that creates a waterproof surface for walls and ceilings, suitable for wet areas such as shower stalls, saunas and tub surroundings in bathrooms. For centuries, it is used in Moroccan baths, hammams, and widely in European structures.

Tadelakt a seamless, natural, organic, elegant, for walls in bathrooms, spas, saunas, and showers. Used in wet and humid areas as an alternative to traditional tile, our shower plaster is seamless, polished smooth surface that is water resistant, luxurious, natural, breathable and for its durability. Our plaster durability comes from Slaked aged lime, marble flour and minerals. Lime plaster after applied retransforms into its natural rock, giving a natural durable breathable application.

Concrete & Lime Plaster – In addition toItalian lime and concrete plasters, Luis Fernando works with other materials that can be used to embellish your home or business. Luis will advise you on which materials is best-suited for your application. Some of these plasters include: Concrete, Lime, Metallic,American plasters, French plasters, Japanese plasters and for showering Tadelkat Moroccan plasters.

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